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Founded Late 1800's

San Luis Rey Bakery
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San Luis Rey Bakery & Restaurant
San Luis Rey Bakery

When it is said the bakery is a long time favorite, it means, a long time. The building on 490 N. El Camino Real was built in the late 1800’s. It is located right next to the Old Mission San Luis Rey. Ever since then it has been many things, from a gas station, a grocery store, and even a saloon.

It wasn’t until 1968 when the San Luis Rey Bakery & Restaurant opened its doors for business.Today it’s owned and operated by the Mendoza family, who bought the business in 2007. Ever since then, they’ve continued to serve all of the delicious baked goods in the bakery and serve delicious, authentic Mexican food in the restaurant. Even with all of this success the Mendoza family wanted to strive for something greater. And they have!

Wondering whether you should order a traditional pan dulce or a nopales (prickly pear) burrito? One bite of the tasty dishes and you will feel a special warm rightness. This is food that fills you like nothing else.

The Mendoza Family and San Luis Rey Bakery & Restaurant

The Mendoza family tries their best to give back to the community. It has been chosen as the go-to Mexican eatery in Oceanside. The family supports the city in various events like school fundraising and nonprofit organizations.

To be fair, many of the customers are fantastic in their own right. We have generations of families who talk of having gone there as a child. In addition, we hear about how their parents got their wedding cake there, or how they would arrive home from school as a kid and have cookies from the bakery waiting.

“It’s great, if I’ve been working on a cake, then seeing a friendly face wave at you and ask; how you are, how’s your day going, how are the kids? These people are my friends and definitely part of our big San Luis Rey Bakery Familia,” said owner José Mendoza.

Celebrating Over 50 Years

If you drive by the bakery you may spot a large truck that looks like a small fire truck. That is the San Luis Rey Bakery’s new food truck, which they will use to do more events around the city and community. They hope that once it’s fully complete to reveal it in a party with local officials as well as the community.
San Luis Rey Bakery & Restaurant share their bake goods to other local restaurants and coffee shops in North County. The main reason for the success of the business is the family-friendly vibe of the owners. In addition, the delicious recipes used ever since the opening in 1968 continue to attract all who love authentic Mexican food. All of the sauces, plates, breads, pastries, desserts and cookies are made just like they would’ve been in 1968.

The delicious food is made to order

Food at San Luis Rey Bakery & Restaurant

Come in and enjoy our food which is made with only the freshest, local products. All of the sauces and special Mexican drinks are house recipes and prepared daily. In addition, all meats are marinated in-house. The bread and pastries are made from scratch every morning by the owner and bakers, with little to no help from machines.

Cakes Made to Order

Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, anniversary, graduation or wedding you can count on us to make your cake SPECIAL!

We love to do cakes ”made to order” for wedding, Quinceanera, you name it! All the fillings and icing are whipped in with designer flavors. We’ve been a big part of events throughout many years – priceless.

A true testament to the appeal of authentic Mexican food in North County can be seen in their most popular dishes. One wouldn’t think that many would be accustomed to coming week after week to sit down for their weekly plate of huevos rancheros or chiles rellenos. However, many find that the food is unlike anything other restaurants are doing. They are providing truly authentic Mexican food to a whole community. And trust me, it’s the real deal.

To talk about San Luis Rey Bakery & Restaurant includes many topics as many flavors and colors can be found in their fantastic food and bakery. And as they begin to celebrate their 51st anniversary with new vision but same roots, the San Luis Rey Bakery & Restaurant is as delicious and flavorful as ever!

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